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Crazy Cavan Photo

Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers 

The legendary Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers are a Teddy Boy band from South Wales. The band formed in 1970, and is still actively touring and recording. They are the kings of the Teddy Boys, and they are happy to uphold this bad boy image, which kind of goes along with the Rocking Rebels. They sound like they look, and it was this combination that made them fan favourites right through Europe for over 50 years in a row.

The band appeared in the 1980 film Blue Suede Shoes which detailed the revival of 1950s rock 'n' roll music scene at the time. 


 Cavan Grogan 18-2-'49/15-2-'20
 Lyndon Needs    (lead guitar)
 Terry Walley    (rhythm guitar)                    
 Graham Price    ( bass)
 Mike Coffey    (drums)

ex members
 Vance Vincent    (bass)
 Don Kinsella    (bass)
 Brian Thomas    (piano)


The first incarnation of the band was formed in 1964 by Cavan Grogan (vocals), Lyndon Needs (lead guitar) and Terry Walley (rhythm guitar) under the name "Count Dracula and the Vampires". In 1968, joined by Brian Thomas (piano) and Don Kinsella (bass), they took the name "The Sundogs". Then in 1970, with the addition of Mike Coffey (drums), they took the name "Crazy Cavan 'n' the Rhythm Rockers", a name which has endured.

Early LP's

1975 Crazy Rhythm (Rockhouse),
Also Re-released in 1978 by Charly 
1976 Rockability (Charly)
1977 Our Own Way of Rockin' (Charly)

Rockabily Hall of Fame

The Pye Corner Teds

The Pye Corner Teds (mid sixties)

Count Dracula and the Vampires

OJC de Brak - Beringe

Crazy cavan in the Eksit

EKSIT 1975.  Het Vrije Volk 

Zaterdag 11 Oktober 1975 Tilburg - Zaal 'Harmonie' Frans wearing Cavan on his shoulders...

Aankondiging 1975

Cas eerhart Crazy cavan 1980

Cas en Cavan - May 1980 Eindhoven

Crazy Cavan patch

Rebel wearing Cavan Shirt in the early days 

Crazy Cavan 17 april 1982

Caister 1980 - Zeeman, Crazy Cavan, Ronald van Zon

Optreden Parivon 

Crazy Cavan & Rhythm Rockers met wat Rocking Rebels op een doordeweekse dag in Helden Panningen want het zou het laatste optreden zijn.......(1982)

Cavan on traditional  Rocking Rebels Jacket (Karregat 1979) 

Wiekslag - 04-04-1987

Wiekslag - 23-04-1988

2017 WCIT (UK) - Cavan get's a Rocking Rebels t-shirt from Frans

2018 WCIT (UK) Rocking Rebels Eindhoven Flag

Cavan en Henri (Belgium - Vintage Festival - Waroux 2017)

Cavan with Leon, Gerard, Willy en Ad

Terry Walley, Henri, Richard and Ad

Birthday present Ruud and Petra


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