All Stars

And then a lot of pictures of a wide variety of Rock & Roll, Rockabilly stars and influencers with the Rocking Rebels, where we haven't got enough material to fill an entire page yet. 

Robert Gordon - Jan Von Gestel

Bert with John Blair 1981  (Jon and the Nightriders)

Gert and Jim Murray (TCB Band)

Gert - John Lanning (TCB -Band)

J von Gestel and Billy Lee Riley

Billy Lee Riley met Jan

Earl Jackson with Frans - Rotterdam 2019

Henri en Chris ''Wolf'' Moinichen  (Delta Bombers)
Wilhelmina Eindhoven in 2016

Dell Shannon † en Gestel

Jan and Mac Curtis † 

Gerard and Bubba Feathers
(Spain 2022)

Mari, Ronny - Johny Fox - Frans

Bart, Frans, Bendix, Mari, Jan, Ronny en Smurph

Graham Lee (Scorpions UK)

Graham Lee (Scorpions UK) @ Westerhoven Rocks 2022

Colin Pryce-Jones (Rapiers) Rockers Reunion 2016 

Pat Capocci (australia)  and Jan

Henri a duet with Joe Clay †  (UK - 2016)

Laura Palmer (Screamin' Rebel Angels) and Ruud

Laura Palmer (Screamin' Rebel Angels) and Jan en Corina (2018)

Honary Member Louis met Fats Domino † 

Mick Lewis Whirlwind

Mick Lewis (Whirlwind) with Frans and Bendix (june 2019)

Jan v Gestel and
Mac de Bouvrie (MAC -records)

Jan with Johnny Powers

Linda Gail Lewis & Ronnie
(Nuenen 2017)

Louis Smeets in 1980

Louis Smeets in 2016 with Rebel cut)

The Crazy Teds (Japan) @ WCIT 2018

Ella Bandito 

2018 WCIT UK |  Twan, Ray Firth (Riot Rockers) Frans

Restless with Ruud

Earl Jackson (2014)

Mari & Frans with Ray Firth - 2018 WCIT (UK) 

'Lil Gizelle' - Gizelle Andrea Becerra - Drive In Barn 2016


1979 - Billy Lee Riley - Bobby, Gestel en Zeeman, in de keuken van zaal Parivon (Liessel) waar Gestel het broodje van Billy op at.

2019 Shakin' Pyramids from Scotland

2016 met Patrick Ouchene Sautiere,  from ''Crystal & Runnin' Wild''

2016 met Patrick Ouchene Sautiere,  from ''Crystal & Runnin' Wild''

Bobby Egberts, Spike Hooper Cas Eerhart

Bobby, Spike Hooper, Cas, '79
The Rocking Shades in de Vlucht 

Liptease - Tattoo convention Rotterdam 2015

Ronnie with Matt & the Peabody Ducks (Spain)

Mari  - Big Sandy

Jan - Big Sandy

Jay Ernest  (Church of Cash) met Frans

Gestel met Bob Wayne Hillbilly Hayride
(27 sept 2016 Altstadt)

Polecats 9-7-2016 Summer Jamboree
van de Panhandle Reb's - Meerbusch 

Martin 'Boz' Boorer - Polecats
9-7-2016 Meerbusch

John Lewis

John Lewis

Jereon Hamers Batmobile

Frans - Jeroen Hamers (Batmobile) - Carsten (2019)

Vargas Brothers with Jan and Mari (Helmond 2017)

Sparky from ''Demented are go''

Ray Firth - 2023 at WCIT

2023 - Terry Earl and Pete Pritchard


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