Ray Campi

Raymond Charles "Ray" Campi (born April 20, 1934), is an American rock and roll musician sometimes called "The King of Rockabilly".
He first recorded in the mid-1950s. Campi's trademark is his white double bass, which he often jumps on top of and "rides" while playing.

His musical career took off in the early 1970's when he was rediscovered by Ronnie Weiser, the owner of Rollin' Rock Records. Campi began touring Great Britain and Europe and has regularly played festivals there ever since.

Ray silently passed away in his sleep at home on March 11, 2021 at he age of 86.


Raymond Charles Campi (April 20, 1934 – March 11, 2021) was an American singer, musician and songwriter, nicknamed "The Rockabilly Rebel" who in the 90's recorded with a band called 'the Rockabilly Rebels'
During his life Ray became a role model for youth who admire him for his playing, song writing, revival of great obscure songs, and for helping keep honest forms of music alive through his record reproducing. He is very sincere in his efforts


Although born in the US, I think it is fair to say he was more popular in Europe. He performed and recorde music his entire life, but didn't see that as a career at that time.  Ray had several jobs and even worked 25 years as a junior high school teacher. 

Ray Campi's celebrated his 80th birthday concert at April 12, 2014.

Singles at the time of fame:                         

How low can you feel (1975)
Teenage Boogie / Rockabilly Rebel (1980)


Ray Campi's new song "Donald Donald," written and recorded with Rip Masters, is a humorous tribute to 2016 US presidential candidate Donald Trump

The Rockabilly Rebels appearing at the Grove were:

- Ray Campi - Acoustic Bass
- Rip Masters - Piano
- Mike Rubino - Rhythm guitar, Harmonica
- Steve Vidro - Drums
- Bill Stoy - Saxophone

Young Ray

Performances in the Grove (USA) in the seventies, with Rebel flag in the background

Rockhouse Karregat poster 1981

Ray Campi - 3 Oktober 1981 - Karregat Eindhoven

Ray Campi and Security Bert - Karregat 3-10-1981

Signed Poster 1978 with Ray 

Sixteen Chicks - Signed in 1990

Ray en Peter Jansen

Dutch LP with 3x Ray 1977 (Dial Records)

Ray with the famous rebel flag Bass


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