Cousin Harley

Canada's rockabilly heroes ''Cousin Harley'' feauturing Paul Pigat, Keith Picot, and Jesse Cahill always take us on a rollicking romp through their live set. Know for their hard-earned reputation of delivering everything from hot-rod rockabilly to foot stomping vintage country and western swing.

Paul is joined by Keith Picot on upright bass and Jesse Cahill on drums to create an unstoppable rock 'n roll wrecking crew.

Paul Pigat

Looking at  Paul Pigat you would not think that behind that unassuming grin and underneath those Doc Watson glasses, lurks one of the most restless, combustible musical imaginations ever crammed into a single body. Blessed with a jazz man's sheen, a rockabilly heart and a hobo's soul, there aren't many genres of music that don't pull at Pigat's wayfaring imagination. 

Paul Pigat started playing the guitar at 11 years of age and was gigging steadily in downtown Toronto by the time he was 12. Through a lifetime dedication to live performance, recording and study he has developed into a superb guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. 

During perfomances he takes you on an easily accessible lesson through the many techniques of Rockabilly guitar!

Paul’s central touring project is his rocking hillbilly trio, Cousin Harley, considered to be Canada’s premier rockabilly and roots band. Cousin Harley has a hard-earned reputation for delivering everything from blistering rockabilly to foot stomping vintage country and western swing. Pigat is legendary for his inspired guitar work, mixing bebop jazz, honky tonk and pure 50s rock ‘n’ roll.

Paul Pigat and the Rebels

Paul and Henri

Keith and Jelle

Keith and Henri


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