Sandy Ford - Flying Saucers

The Flying Saucers were formed in 1972 by bassist Pete Pritchard, drummer Terry Earl, guitarist Chris Townsend, and Rhythm guitarist/ vocalist Alan Jones. Jones and Townsend left the group in 1975 and were replaced by guitarist Nigel "Niggsy" Owen and vocalist Sandy Ford, who remained with the group. Jacko Buddin on saxophone was also added to the line up around this time.

With help from a renewed interest in Rockabilly music and The British subculture movement known as Teddy Boy, The Flying Saucers earned recording contracts with EMI Music, and  toured Europe including Eindhoven, and often used Photo's of the Eindhoven Evoluon  as their flying saucer.

Since mid 2000 Sandy acts together with  his wife Yvonne as bass player.

Flying Saucers

The Flying Saucers were fromed in 1972 and are best known for performing in the back of a truck during the 1976 Teddy Boy March in London. This march was part of a successful plan to promote the airplay of rockabilly music on BBC national Radio One.  

The 1976 Teddy Boy March is often credited as the spark which ignited the Rockabilly revival and explosion in popularity of younger rockabilly acts such as Stray Cats and The Blasters during the early 1980s.  

Also the Flying Saucers appeared in the film Blue Suede Shoes. After numerous personnel changes, The Flying Saucers disbanded during the mid 1980s. 

Sandy Ford 

During his early years, Ford (born April 4, 1940) performed on a local level in various Rockabilly and country music bands. He moved to Barnet, Hertfordshire, England and formed a Pub rock group before joining The Flying Saucers as lead vocalist, in 1975.
Ford completed the most famous lineup of the group, which featured bassist Pete Pritchard, drummer Terry Earl, guitarist Nigel "Nigsy" Owen and saxophonist Jacko Buddin. With help from a renewed interest in Rockabilly music and The British subculture movement known as Teddy Boy, The Flying Saucers toured the width and breadth of Europe and earned major label recording contracts with EMI Music.

Traditional Albums:                         

1976: Planet Of The Drapes (Nevis)
1977: Rock & Roll Graffiti House (Japan release)
1977: Diana and Other Hits from The Sixties' (Muza) Poland release
1978: Keep On Coming (Alaska)
1981: Some Like It Hot (EMI)
1982: Flying Tonight (EMI)
1983: Live At The Pickett's Lock (Charly)


- Pete Pritchard : Bass  
- Terry Earl : Drums
- Nigel "Nigsy" Owen : Guitar
- Jacko Buddin : Saxophone
- Sandy Ford : Vocals

Signatures for Cara Kamminga

Early Flying Saucer Picture

The Rockhouse April 21, 1979

Karregat 1979 - Frans Verhappen, Pete Pritchard, Marcel, Jaguar en Ronald van Zon

Marcel, Pete and Jaguar

1978 - Hilvarenbeek

Rock en Roll Revival feb 1978

Sandy Ford signing in Caister 1979 (Bobby, Gestel en Kees)

Flying Saucers - Venray

Flying Saucers record, in front of Evoluon Eindhoven

Jan van Gestel en Sandy Ford

Sandy en Gestel 2016

March to the BBC' 15 Mei 1976

March to the BBC' die op 15 Mei 1976

Henri waving the Rocking Rebel Eindhoven flag on stage (WCIT UK 2018)

Frans handing over the Rocking Rebels Eindhoven friendship patch (WCIT UK 2017)

Another one from the Rocking Rebels Archive

Sandy and Ruud (WCIT 2018)

Flying Saucers ‎– Flying Tonight 1982

2018 WCIT (UK) 

Flying Saucers - signatures

Flying Saucers record, 2022 WCIT (UK)

Cas,  original drummer Terry Earl and bassist Pete Pritchard, Mari, Henri en Jan

Sandy (at age 83) and Henri WCIT 2023

Video message to Rocking Rebels

Sandy memories about the Rocking Rebels  during an interview at WCIT UK 2023. Although already 83, he clearly remembers this moment of fear....

Buddy's Song 

In 1991, Sandy Ford's Flying Saucers appeared in the British film Buddy's Song, starring Roger Daltrey, Chesney Hawkes, Sharon Duce and Michael Elphick. The film was a sequel to the 1986 BBC television series Buddy, which starred Daltrey in the same role (it featured Wayne Goddard as Buddy, however). This is a short clip from that 1991 Film "Buddy's Song" where "THE WHO" frontman Roger Daltrey, in the slight improbable role of a Teddyboy, introduces his son (singer Chesney Hawkes) to some friends of him...Sandy Ford and the Flying Saucers!


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