The Lincolns

The Lincolns are a 4 piece Teddy Boy Band from Adelaide, Australia, who play a mix of high energy Rock n Roll / Rockabilly classics and originals with their own unique style and sound.

In their classic drape garb, The Lincolns punch out the songs with style, enthusiasm and energy. Already a regular on the Adelaide festival and dance circuit, and touring through Europe in 2019.


Lead singer Tony has been around the Adelaide Rock n Roll / Rockabilly scene for as long as most can remember. He was the driving force behind long standing Rockabilly band “Sons of Sun” for almost 25 years, before the band parted ways towards the end of 2011 to pursue other projects.

Tony’s passion for the music is plain for all to see. His energetic presence on stage, and his trusty red stratocaster that chimes the sounds of the 50’s in that true Tony style, have become almost iconic

Other band members:

Walter has been drumming in well known Adelaide bands for well over a decade, most recently with sixties sensations “The Invasion”.

Kingsley joined the band as last and is known in the scene, having played in many bands around Australia and overseas.

Lee got his first Elvis double album by request at the age of 10 and has always loved the Rock n Roll music feel, which means he is well at home in his present Lincoln company.

Some titles:

Big Train (Two Parts Whiskey)
Come be my Girl – The Proposal
Crying in my Whiskey
Do you remember (Two Parts Whiskey)
Forgot to be Blue (Teddy Boy Rock n Roll)
Helluva man (Teddy Boy Rock n Roll)
It don’t matter (Two Parts Whiskey)
Jukebox Betty (Two Parts Whiskey)
King of the Coup
Mamma don’t like it (Two Parts Whiskey)
Mean Marie
Miss Carol (Teddy Boy Rock n Roll)
My Lucky Charm
Not like me (Teddy Boy Rock n Roll)


Foto Willem Wouterse

With Lee & Walter backstage, getting some vinyl

The signed single

Rene Williams 



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