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Matchbox were formed in Middlesex, in 1971, but they became famous when in 1978 Graham Fenton joined. Rocking Rebels vistited many gigs at that time but in 1983 it was more or less over with the band. Of course the song 'Rockabily Rebel' from 1980 is still an anthem being played frequenly at Rocking Rebels events.

In 1989 Graham Fenton formed together with Poke, Bob Burgos, Howard Gadd en Greg Gadd de "Graham Fenton's Matchbox".

In 1995 the band Matchbox got reunited and with that set-up, they are playing live all over Europe since.


 - Graham Fenton (lead vocals)
 - Steve Bloomfield (lead guitar Vocals)
 - Jimmy Redhead (drums)
 - Gordon Scott (rythm guitar)
 - Fred Poke (bass guitar)

ex and stand-in members
 - Wiffle Smith
-  Ian Terry
 - Dave Dix
 - Rusty Lupton (piano)
 - 'Wild' Bob Burgos (drums)
 - Garry Hogan (guitar)


Their big breakthrough came in 1977 when they were selected to back Bo Diddley and support Carl Perkins on a sell-out European tour. Following reviews in the music press they were approached by Magnet Records and offered their first major recording contract.
This band appeared in the 1980 film Blue Suede Shoes (like Bill Haley, Crazy Cavan, Freddie Fingers Lee und Ray Campi) which detailed the revival of 1950s rock 'n' roll music scene at the time. 

Singles at the time of fame:                         

"Rockabilly Rebel" (1979) 
"Buzz Buzz a Diddle It" (1980) 
"Midnite Dynamos" (1980) 


Over 5 Million records were sold in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, etc. Numerous TV shows and tours with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and many more, established the band as a major headline attraction

Riders In the Sky 1976

Recorded in Haarlem (NL)

Setin' the Woods on Fire (1978)

Exalto studio in Haarlem

signed for Big Bopper


Wild Bob Burgo's met Jan

Rusty Lupton on piano, and Wiffle  Smith ~1976

Bobby met Graham (METRO)

Marianne, Frans met Graham in 1979

Graham en Bert in 1979

2018 WCIT (UK)  Ruud, Brie en Graham

Foto gebruikt op LP and Rockabilly Rebel Single

LP foto Matchbox

Salvatore van hoof (Matchbox LP)

2018 Graham & Ruud (Spain)

2017 Graham and Henri (Altstadt Eindhoven)

Jan backstage met Matchbox and MacTaple (2017)

Uit de RR archieven

Signed Midnite Dynamos copy

Westerhoven Rocks 2021

Graham Fenton 2021

signed in 2022 @ WCIT 2022

Matchbox on our 45th anniversary party in 2024, with Graham wearing 'Toolie's" Rocking Rebels Eindhoven vest.


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